About LineOff


LineOff is a drill operated multiple fishing reel line remover. Remove fishing line from a single reel or multiple reels simultaneously.

LineOff can remove fishing line from up to four (4) spinning reels or conventional fishing reels standard size (Gauge) 4-0 at the same time on one

(1) LineOff fishing line remover.

LineOff line remover takes line off all fishing reels of all sizes, conventional or spinning reels, from the smallest

2 (Gauge) to large offshore reels up to 12 (Gauge) fishing reels. For larger offshore fishing reels 13 Gauge and larger, currently you will need to remove half of the fishing line onto the LineOff line removal unit.

Cut the line or the Braided Rope line, insert the line end from the fishing reel between the LineOff cones by loosening the stainless wing nut, inserting line end, then snugging up the wing nut and finish unloading the rest of the large reel.

Presently a higher capacity LineOff remover is undergoing testing and will be released shortly. Also in prototype a commercial size LineOff Line Remover that will easily unload a Bill Fish Reel.

LineOff makes line storage for as long as you choose practical. You can put line back on to your fishing reel by using a ratcheting screwdriver to hold the LineOff unit while cranking on the fishing reel. LineOff makes Fishing reel maintenance, repair or washing easier, then replacing the fishing line back onto the fishing reel convenient.

LineOff comes with with a hex shaft and can be used with all hex bit receiving tool like Screw guns, Drill drivers, electric screwdrivers, Etc.

LineOff fishing line remover is guaranteed to out perform all electric, battery operated fishing line removers and will work with all size and types of fishing reels and all types of fishing line: Fly, Dacron, Mono, Wire, Level Lines, Yarn, Twine, String, etc.
Catch more fish with fresh line.

LineOff carries a lifetime warranty.