About LineOFF, Inc.

Fresh Line = More Fish!

LineOFF, Inc. is based in Florida – known as the fishing capital of the world. The company’s founders are Jeff and Beverly Annabel.

Jeff and Beverly are inventors as well as husband and wife. Jeff and Beverly have been diving and fishing for more than 20 years. Seeing old tangled line on the coral reefs, Jeff was inspired to develop and patent a unique design for a tool that quickly removes worn out fishing line from any size reel—from the smallest spinning reel to the largest offshore conventional reel LineOFF can do the job. LineOFF creates a neat bundle of line that is ready for recycling. Jeff and Beverly hope that all fishing enthusiasts enjoy the convenience and ease of removing and recycling fishing line with LineOFF. LineOFF is made in the U.S.A.

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Our Customers Love LineOFF Because…

Fresh Line = More Fish!

“Changing line used to be such a hassle! With LineOFF I was able to change all my reels in just minutes!”
– Corey Mason, Michigan

“As a freshwater fisherman, I have several poles of various sizes and need to change my line often. LineOFF makes it fast and easy to get the LineOFF my reel in an environmentally friendly way! What a great idea!”

– Rod McQuene, Arkansas

“My husband loves to fish, but I never know what to get him for special occasions. I know he really hates to change the line on his reels because it creates such a mess. I got him LineOFF for his birthday in September, and he loved it!”

– Susan Green, Nebraska

“I own a charter boat in Boynton Beach Florida called the Sea Mist. My crews have to maintain 40 plus reels all the time for our daily charters. I purchased several LineOFFs after hearing about it from one of the passengers on our boat. My mates couldn’t believe how fast and easy it is to change the line on the reels with LineOFF! I recommend LineOFF to any sports fisherman!”

– Captain Bert Hall