Loosen the wing nut a few turns, leave wing nut attatched to hex shaft.
Pull gently on the cones on the wing nut side, creating a small opening
between the two cones. Place your fishing line between the cones ans
push the cones shut securing the fishing line. Gently tighten the wing nut
to secure the cone in place.


Convectional reels:
Turn clicker on and put reel into free spool.

Run line through rod eyes for smoother removal,
loosen the drag or flip bale over.

Attatch LineOFF® to a power drill or electric screwdriver.
Slowly activate ppower tool to begin removing fishing line
onto LineOFF® so it collects evenly around the center of the
joined spools. When you have removed the desired amount
of line from reel: remove LineOFF® from power tool and your
line is ready for convenient storage on LineOFF® until you are
ready to re-use the line. For complete line removal: Spin all line
off your reel, unscrew and rremove the wing nut, slide cone off
hex shaft and remove bundled fishing line. Use a twist tie
to secure bundled shap. Now you can recycle your fishing line
at any spproved fishing line disposal center.