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LineOFF Announces Support For Monofilament Recycling Program

LineOFF, Inc. begins including educational brochures from the Monofilament Recovery & Recycling Program in the company’s shipments.

Boynton Beach, FL (March 24, 2006) – In an effort to help increase awareness about fishing line recycling, LineOFF, Inc. is now including brochures from the Monofilament Recovery & Recycling Program (MRRP) in its shipments that go to Florida residents.
“Florida is known as the fishing capital of the world and we don’t want fishing line to spoil our beautiful waters. The MRRP is a great program that helps educate our Florida fishing enthusiasts as well as fisherman who visit us from around the world on the importance of keeping fishing line out of our waters and off the coral reefs,” stated Beverly Annabel, operations director, LineOFF. Annabel added, “Our mission with LineOFF has always been to do our part to clean up our reefs and protect our environment here in Florida, in the United States, and across the world.”
“LineOFF is an excellent contribution to assist in the problem of improperly discarded fishing line into the environment,” stated Nicole Adimey, biologist with the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Adimey added, “Being proactive in the effort to keep monofilament line out of our waters results in greater awareness of public safety and protection of Florida's unique wildlife.”

LineOFF was created to encourage frequent line changes and environmental recycling of fishing line. LineOFF has received numerous endorsements from environmental organizations including: Florida's Monofilament Recovery and Recycling Program, Ocean Watch Foundation, The Ocean Conservancy and the Bahamas Billfish Tournament.


The Monofilament Recovery & Recycling Program (MRRP) is a statewide effort in Florida to educate the public on the problems caused by monofilament line left in the environment, to encourage recycling through a network of line recycling bins and drop-off locations in Florida, and to conduct volunteer monofilament line cleanup events. The MRRP is supported by federal, state and local government agencies, volunteers, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, private businesses, and environmental groups. Go to www.fishinglinerecycling.org for more information about the program.

Jeff and Beverly Annabel have been diving and fishing for more than 20 years. Seeing old tangled line on the coral reefs, Jeff was inspired to develop and patent a unique design for a tool that quickly removes worn out fishing line from any size reel. LineOFF is made in the U.S.A., and is available from the company’s web site, www.getlineoff.com, or is carried in a limited number of fishing and tackle stores. The suggested retail price of LineOFF is $19.95.

LineOFF is a registered trademark of LineOFF, Incorporated.

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LineOFF is a registered trademark of LineOFF, Inc. LineOFF is protected by U.S. Patent #6102319
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